Anime Munters is een Tekstbased RPG die zich afspeelt op St.Montgomery een internaat voor werkelijk elk anime personage dat er maar bestaat. Je hebt de vrije mogelijkheid een karakter van een anime over te nemen of een karakter zelf te ontwerpen. Je karakter mag alles hebben wat er maar is zo lang deze niet overpowerd (veel sterker als de andere) is. Verschillende karakters kunnen natuurlijk van andere werelden komen. Hiervoor bestaan portalen die jouw karakter naar zijn/haar eigen wereld kunnen brengen en weer terug. Er staat een board bij Outside school waar jij je karakter in zijn/haar eigen wereld kan spelen.


Vyndi Montgomery

Kakashi Hatake
Christopher Heatherfield
Ken Ventris

Student Presidents
Lightning Farron
Sam Winchester
Shido Itsuka


18/08 Het st.Montgomery opend officieel haar deuren weer

30/07 AM heeft een nieuw teamlid; Nathan McCalton

Couldn't even handle half of me


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 Couldn't even handle half of me

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Delanna di Giacomo

» Posts : 6

Character sheet
» Age: 17 (+574)
» Class: Middle Class
» Love interest: Better to be hated than to be loved for what you're not ♥

BerichtOnderwerp: Couldn't even handle half of me   ma 3 jun 2013 - 5:05

I remember tears streaming down your face, when I said, "I'll never let you go." When all those shadows almost killed your light. I remember you said, "Don't leave me here alone." But all that's dead and gone and passed tonight.

This girl is called Delanna di Giacomo, but is also known as Del. She is about 591, but looks 17 and is a homunculus. She was gifted with superhuman strength, which allows her to run fast, jump high and throw far as well as pick up heavy objects and throw a mean punch. She also passively cancels out all kinds of magic in a 10-meter radius around her and uses this to her advance by combining physical strength and invulnerability to magic.

Pick a part, you dream it up - a dark vixen, a Lolita. Oh boy, tell me your fantasy, tonight's the night I'm dressing up for you. I can tell you're obsessed by your shortness of breath. Oh, my cookie monster wants a taste test. Be a good boy and I'll show you the rest. Ooh, my little voyeur wants to play explorer. Pick a part, you dream it up - librarian, dominatrix. Oh boy, tell me your fantasy, tonight's the night… Tonight, I'm gonna come alive, make you forget about your nine to five. Are you ready for your blood to rise? Tonight's the night, I'm dressing up for you.

Apparently she is whimsy, clumsy, happy, talkative, social, flirty and dumb, but actually she’s down-to-earth, brutally honest, sly, smart, slightly pessimistic, slightly cruel and slightly nymphomanic. Delanna uses this combination to manipulate her way in and out every situation by being adorable and smart at the same time. She enjoys silence, reading and intimacy while she is disgusted by attachments, relationships and crabs.

Baby, can’t you see, I’m calling. A gal like you, should wear a warning. It’s dangerous, I’m fallin’. There’s no escape, I can’t wait. I need a hit, baby, give me it. You’re dangerous - I’m lovin’ it. Too high, can’t come down, losing my head, spinning ‘round and ‘round. Do you feel me now? With a taste of your lips I’m on a ride. You're toxic, I'm slipping under. With a taste of a poison paradise, I’m addicted to you, don’t you know that you’re toxic? And I love what you do, don’t you know that you’re toxic?

She has long, light purple hair and big, pink eyes that look at the world as if it was her servant or stare into the depth of the oceans to uncover its secrets. The girl is long legged and tends to wear classy outfits. Het key feature is the giant pair of rabbit ears on her head although she does not like them touched unless it is by a lover. Furthermore, the girl is fragile and despite her strength, breaks easily.

In the daylight, I’m your sweetheart, your goody-two-shoes, prude is a work of art. But you don’t know me, and soon you won’t forget, bad as can be, yeah you know I’m not so innocent. Better beware I go bump in the night, devil-may-care with a lust for life, and I know you, can’t resist this. You know you, are so addicted. Boy you better run for your life. Welcome to the nightmare in my head, say hello to something scary, the monster in your bed.Just give in and you won’t be sorry, welcome to my other side, hello it’s Mrs. Hyde. I can be the bitch, I can play the whore, or your fairytale princess who could ask for more. A touch of wicked, a pinch of risqué, good girl gone bad, my poison is your remedy. Better be scared, better be afraid, now that the beast is out of her cage. And I know you wanna risk it, you know you, are so addicted.
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Couldn't even handle half of me

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