Anime Munters is een Tekstbased RPG die zich afspeelt op St.Montgomery een internaat voor werkelijk elk anime personage dat er maar bestaat. Je hebt de vrije mogelijkheid een karakter van een anime over te nemen of een karakter zelf te ontwerpen. Je karakter mag alles hebben wat er maar is zo lang deze niet overpowerd (veel sterker als de andere) is. Verschillende karakters kunnen natuurlijk van andere werelden komen. Hiervoor bestaan portalen die jouw karakter naar zijn/haar eigen wereld kunnen brengen en weer terug. Er staat een board bij Outside school waar jij je karakter in zijn/haar eigen wereld kan spelen.


Vyndi Montgomery

Kakashi Hatake
Christopher Heatherfield
Ken Ventris

Student Presidents
Lightning Farron
Sam Winchester
Shido Itsuka


18/08 Het st.Montgomery opend officieel haar deuren weer

30/07 AM heeft een nieuw teamlid; Nathan McCalton

Michael White - F0x


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 Michael White - F0x

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Michael White

» Posts : 3

Character sheet
» Age: 19
» Class: Upper.
» Love interest: Girls/Girls/B0ys

BerichtOnderwerp: Michael White - F0x   vr 22 aug 2014 - 21:34

i left y0u hell t0 pay
Undead/N0t Alive
Matsu0ka Rin

name: Michael "F0x" White
Age: 'b0ut 19
Gender: Male
0rientati0n: Bisexual ar0mantic
Species: N0t quite a gh0st, n0t quite a z0mbie, n0t alive at all.

Height: 1'96
Weight: 0h shut up.
Hair: Messy, red, l0nger than it sh0uld be.
Cl0thes: Whatever.

Quirk: Replaces "O" with "0" t0 accentuate his h0ll0w v0ice.
Intangibility: Can't t0uch this. Literally. The undead b0y can ch00se t0 n0t be t0uched. 0f c0urse, this d0esn't w0rk with silver 0r h0ly water, but y0u get the p0int. Als0, walking thr0ugh walls t0 freak pe0ple 0ut is a thing he can d0. N0 l0cked d00rs keep him 0ut.

Min0r Invisibility: He kinda shimmers in the m00nlight, like he’s there but n0t quite. If he stays in 0ne place f0r l0ng en0ugh, if he stays still f0r l0ng en0ugh, his b0dy will sl0wly bec0me transparent, until n0ne 0f it is visible anym0re. Neat trick, huh?
The 0ne thing that is kn0wn ab0ut F0x is that he realizes h0w ann0ying he is. If he finds s0mething that ann0ys y0u, he’s guaranteed t0 ann0y y0u with it, repeatedly. And that’s a warning, yes. After being undead f0r s0 damn l0ng, y0u get b0red 0f helping pe0ple 0ut, s0 y0u start pestering them. That’s 0ne 0f the few things the b0y genuinely enj0ys d0ing, pestering pe0ple until they scream. Just f0r shits and giggles, y0u kn0w. Y0u will catch him causing tr0uble, y0u will see him pulling pranks. He sets things 0n fire, c0nfuses pe0ple by suddenly speaking an0ther language, whatever catches them 0ff guard.
And that’s all there is t0 him, all y0u get f0r n0w. D0n’t think he’s deep 0r mysteri0us, he is n0t. He’s a guy wh0 died a l0ng l0ng time ag0, f0rg0t what business he had left t0 d0 here and has begun pestering pe0ple 0ut 0f b0red0m. That’s it. N0thing m0re, n0thing less.
“I was killed s0metime ag0 in a war I can’t remember. I was a casualty. There’s n0thing t0 it – I had s0me stuff left t0 d0, but I have f0rg0tten what it was. N0w I’m stuck here. Enj0y figuring me 0ut.”

Ain't it so, ain't it so perfect Our cynical minds will make it totally worth it So give it to me now We're lost in a dream now Do it one more time In the Vegas lights Where villains spend the weekend The deep end We're swimming with the sharks until we drown The Vegas lights The lies and affectations Sensation We're winning 'til the curtain's coming down And we're all not here for nothing And we're bored with looking good We gotta be starting something Would you change it if you could?
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Michael White - F0x

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